Friday, October 25, 2013

Can I get a little alone time?

Bradley and Kiersten do wild and crazy things and I am horrible at journaling which is the main reason of writing in my blog so I can remember their shenanigans later. 

This last week I have had the most difficult time getting some alone time so be able to take a shower. I have been so exhausted lately that waking up any earlier than ten minutes before Adam leaves for work is just impossible and by that time the kids have been up for the last half hour watching cartoons with Daddy.
Take one during the kids nap time? Ha, I am the only one sleeping during that block of time. They just have playtime in their bedroom with the door shut and they love to come out of their rooms the whole time.
So lately I put on a movie and sneak away. But smart Bradley, he can hear that shower going a mile away.
 I have been surprised with stuff like...
"Hey Mom! Look, I found the recipe book and I want to make this chocolate cake! Can you get out and help me?"
When he HANDED ME the tv remote, "Hey Mom! The TV isn't working. Here is the remote can you put my movie back on?"
Seriously little dude?
Yesterday I was so frustrated and having a hard morning. I went to try and take a long hot shower and I made sure the kids had plenty of distractions so I would be left alone. Did it work? Nope! Two minutes into my shower Bradley open the shower door and says, "I'm going to join you!" naked as a jaybird... aaand then proceeded to hog all the water. Dang! I thought I locked the door!

So this morning I wake up, make Adam's lunch and send him off to work...and the kids were STILL sleeping! It's a miracle! We put the kids to bed around eight but they didn't settle down and fall asleep till around ten, which is WAY later than usual! So this morning when I woke up to a quiet house I was hoping on them sleeping in today.
I took a quiet shower while counting my blessings they were still asleep, this is a true miracle! It's 7:15 and they are snoozing, yes!
Until I get out of the shower and hear Bradley's voice yelling, get the scissors and cut her hair!
Uhh, WHAT?!?! A) You're suppose to be sleeping still, boo!  B) and saddly this came second, what do you mean cut her hair?!
Thankfully when I checked on them in the living room they were playing a hairdresser app on my ipad and were cutting a characters hair. Phew!

Maybe they will actually sleep during nap time today? One can dream, right?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homemade Paint

Kiersten LOVES to paint. I have been looking for a good home made paint recipe on Pinterest  to do for our preschool.
I thought I found a good one today but of course, as normal, Pinterest hates me.
I'll give it some credit though, it made for an awesome finger paint and was super duper cheap. Unfortunately, I am looking for a thinner paint like a tempera consistency.

So the recipe is as following:

1c flour
2 TBSP Salt
1 1/2 c cold water
1 1/2c hot water
food coloring.

Mix flour, salt, and cold water until there are no lumps. Add hot water then bring to a boil. Once its thickened, remove from heat. Split up into as many bowl as you want then add food coloring to your desire.
The author said to store leftovers in the fridge but she had no clue why.

I doubled the recipe and made five different colors and all three of us used it and we STILL had tons of left overs.  

 Here is what the paint looked like. It had a pudding like consistency and was rather thick...

 It didn't work too well to paint on our wood crafts.

But Kiersten LOVED playing with it as a finger paint.

Now I am going to break the cardinal rule of a twin mom... Don't compare your twins to each other. I have noticed from preschool that Bradley loves to sit still and work on his letters and practice writing his name. Kiersten hates it and has a very short attention span and gets frustrated very easily.
Kiersten is not really good at her letters yet and really struggles when we practice them.

On the flip side, Kiersten can sit still for over an hour and play with paints and art hands on crafts. Bradley on the other hand has a very short attention span and can only sit still for a short time. He also doesn't listen well to instructions. For example yesterday I had to say two to three times, "Bradley! Stop stealing my sharpie and drawing on the table!" Little stinker knows where they are hidden!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween Crafts

We made "Jack the Pumpkin King" today. The kids had a great time gluing and coloring.
Clothes aren't really important around here in case you haven't noticed. 

These are our finished crafts drying on the front door. I love that the door is metal and we can use magnets on it!

I saw the bats on Pinterest and thought they were super cute! It's a cat looking head with our hand prints cut out and glued on for wings.

Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?!?

Homeschool Preschool Lessons

Here are several ideas of what we have done for preschool. I came up with the ideas from Pinterest and from things I saw from their preschool program last year. 

I take pictures everyday to share with my parents and to remind me of what we have already done.

 You can't really see their papers in the picture but I wrote numbers on a piece of paper and drew circles underneath. They counted out beans and placed them in the corresponding circle.

We work on tracing and coloring letters.

Then try to write the letter on our whiteboard.

This craft cost $2 for the supplies. I went to the dollar store and bought a 400 pack of beads and a bag of pipe cleaners. Bradley is being such a silly model during lunch time! This activity was a HUGE hit. Kept them busy for an hour...which tired preggo Mommy fell asleep for.... When the kids went for their naptime I undid the pipe cleaners and took all the beads off so we could do the activity all over again in a week or two ;)
We worked on gluing our names with cereal, pasta, and beans. Next time...I'm leaving the cereal out. After a while they just stopped the craft to eat all the froot loops I had set out to work with.

They work on writing their own names....Apparently this is Breadly... Haha its a work in progress.

The decision to pull them out of preschool

Bradley and Kiersten were in the most amazing preschool last year and we wanted to find them a preschool for this year so they don't regress what they know.
The only option we had was a three hour am class at one of the elementary schools. That wouldn't be so big of a problem but Adam and I only have one car that we share and our budget as a first year teacher does not fit a car payment into it. Adam travels to four different elementary schools and frequents the high school also to meet with the band teacher there. We tried taking them to school for the month of August but decided to pull them out in the month of September  and I would just teach them from home.
Here is what our schedule looked like those first couple weeks:

7:20 drop Adam off at one the four schools (he rotates daily)
7:30 hang out at the preschool parking lot until 8:00 when the school opened for drop offs
10:50 pick the kids up from school straggle to the car then hang out for another half hour
11:30 pick Adam up from his school, he drops us off at home, then goes out to the next school or to the high school to work on PO's with the band teacher there.

A little insight to his crazy schedule... Monday thru Thursday he goes to one of the four elementary schools to teach classroom music, recorders, piano, and guitar. In the afternoons he teaches beginning band at only two of the schools M/W at one site and T/TH at another. The high school band teacher picks up the other two sites.
On Fridays he spends all day at one site doing  K-3 music or whatever the principal wants him to teach for that day.

Man, that was exhausting typing that.
It was really hard on me driving around like crazy for our schedule and the kids were not happy with the new school. They kept asking to go back to their old school in Chico and to see their old friends. B&K are so bubbly and outgoing that they were scaring the other quiet children whom 90% of them didn't speak English.
I went crazy on Pinterest finding preschool ideas to help me teach them. One of the ladies in our ward does preschool at home for her two girls that aren't old enough for school yet and we combine one day a week for class. This post is a bit long so I will show you all of my crazy crafts and lessons on a different post.

I have noticed that pulling the kids out of class has strengthened their relationship with each other.  Usually we separate them in different rooms for nap time but lately, they always sneak in the room with each other and play. They rarely fight anymore and are connected at the hip. If you would have told me two and half years ago that they would stop trying to kill each other and be best friends, I would have never believed you!

Ok! On to our preschool ideas and lessons!

New instruments

Adam is loving his new job as a new band teacher in our tiny town. Part of expanding the program with a new teacher was new funds to buy more instruments.

This picture is to show one of THE MOST stressful dates I have ever been on with Adam!! And I still razz him for this...

We decided to wait until Labor day weekend to go to Lowe's to buy our appliances because of the huge sales, which we scored big time!! We arranged a sitter and was about ready to go do our huge shopping trip when Adam gets a phone call... Instruments are in and he needs to pick it up. Really?  They don't deliver a huge order like that?? (Thankfully the 30 new stands and their holders WERE delivered to the school! )
Fresno is about half hour drive and we try to compact as much things as possible in one trip. So we were going to pick up a bunch of new things at Lowe's and 26 music instruments in one trip.  Problem is, music store was closing in an hour so we had to stop there first. The instruments had to sit in the car while we shopped for almost 2 hours. I was biting my nails the entire time just thinking about someone breaking into our van and taking over $13,000 worth of stuff from the car. Thank heavens, everything was safe when we got back.

But funny thing is, Adam had to tetris a lawn mower, couple of folding chairs, shovel, other random crap we bought for the apartment to house transition with all the stuff already in there. Thankfully the fridge, washer, and dryer were delivered to the house a few days later! 

Oh man, some of the looks from people in the parking lot were hilarious as we pulled everything out and rearranged the van for everything to fit. I mean, who carries 6 trumpets around for the fun of it?

B&K 4th bday!

Bradley and Kiersten turned four last month.
We celebrated with breakfast before preschool

 Oh, Bradley and his panties :)

And don't worry, its just OJ. We got the margarita dish set for a Christmas white elephant gift and the kids think its a fun cup set.

The kids wanted to bring silly cupcakes to school to celebrate their birthday.

All the kids really enjoyed it!

Grandma and Grandpa Bees, Adam's Mom and stepdad, came over that evening to celebrate Bradley and Kiersten's birthday with us.
I think their gift was a huge hit! I don't know who likes it more, Me or the kids... They actually stay outside more and play so I can get things done inside!

Second biggest hit??
This little number. Kiersten wears her "Melody" dress almost EVERYDAY! I let her wear it church the first Sunday she got it after her party. She LOVES that dress!

I love my minions so much! They definitely keep me busy!