Friday, October 25, 2013

Can I get a little alone time?

Bradley and Kiersten do wild and crazy things and I am horrible at journaling which is the main reason of writing in my blog so I can remember their shenanigans later. 

This last week I have had the most difficult time getting some alone time so be able to take a shower. I have been so exhausted lately that waking up any earlier than ten minutes before Adam leaves for work is just impossible and by that time the kids have been up for the last half hour watching cartoons with Daddy.
Take one during the kids nap time? Ha, I am the only one sleeping during that block of time. They just have playtime in their bedroom with the door shut and they love to come out of their rooms the whole time.
So lately I put on a movie and sneak away. But smart Bradley, he can hear that shower going a mile away.
 I have been surprised with stuff like...
"Hey Mom! Look, I found the recipe book and I want to make this chocolate cake! Can you get out and help me?"
When he HANDED ME the tv remote, "Hey Mom! The TV isn't working. Here is the remote can you put my movie back on?"
Seriously little dude?
Yesterday I was so frustrated and having a hard morning. I went to try and take a long hot shower and I made sure the kids had plenty of distractions so I would be left alone. Did it work? Nope! Two minutes into my shower Bradley open the shower door and says, "I'm going to join you!" naked as a jaybird... aaand then proceeded to hog all the water. Dang! I thought I locked the door!

So this morning I wake up, make Adam's lunch and send him off to work...and the kids were STILL sleeping! It's a miracle! We put the kids to bed around eight but they didn't settle down and fall asleep till around ten, which is WAY later than usual! So this morning when I woke up to a quiet house I was hoping on them sleeping in today.
I took a quiet shower while counting my blessings they were still asleep, this is a true miracle! It's 7:15 and they are snoozing, yes!
Until I get out of the shower and hear Bradley's voice yelling, get the scissors and cut her hair!
Uhh, WHAT?!?! A) You're suppose to be sleeping still, boo!  B) and saddly this came second, what do you mean cut her hair?!
Thankfully when I checked on them in the living room they were playing a hairdresser app on my ipad and were cutting a characters hair. Phew!

Maybe they will actually sleep during nap time today? One can dream, right?

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